Swing Bed Services
Recovery close to home

At Minneola Healthcare, our Swing Bed Program is designed for patients to regain their optimal level of health and independence. You can expect continued care with medical oversight, which includes rounding by our providers at least two days a week, or more if medically necessary.

What is Swing Bed?
Swing-bed is a service that rural hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) with a Medicare provider agreement, that allows a patient to transition from acute care to Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) care without leaving the hospital. This allows a patient to continue receiving services in the hospital even though acute care is no longer necessary.

Is swing bed appropriate for me?
•    Joint replacement
•    Orthopedic injury or surgery
•    Post general surgery
•    Deconditioning or weakness (possibly due to surgery)
•    Trauma related injury
•    Need for IV antibiotics
•    Recent falls or balance deficits
•    Difficult wound healing
•    Neuromuscular disorders

Perks of Swing Bed at Minneola Healthcare
•    Personalized care
•    Ancillary services on site
•    On-site emergency services 
•    No primary care provider? We have providers accepting new patients.
•    Recover closer to home

No matter where you have surgery or receive health care, if you qualify for swing bed services, you can return closer to home at Minneola Healthcare’s Swing Bed Program for rehabilitation or skilled nursing needs. The Swing Bed Program brings together a team of caring providers, nurses, therapists, and a swing bed coordinator.
•    Skilled nursing care
•    Skilled physical therapy
•    Skilled speech therapy
•    Complicated wound care that requires a daily dressing change.
•    Extended IV antibiotic therapy
•    A discharge planner will assist with a plan for a safe discharge.
•    Setting you up with a personal nurse for chronic care management.

Who Qualifies?
In order to qualify for Swing Bed Services a patient must meet the following requirements:
•    Have had a consecutive 3 day stay in an acute care bed in the last 30 days
•    Have an ongoing diagnosis and needs that require skilled care as defined by Medicare     
•    Swing bed is covered by Medicare Part A and some private insurance plans
•    The length of stay in Swing Bed is dependent upon individual patient needs and progress.

For more information on the Swing Bed Program at Minneola Healthcare, please contact our Swing Bed Coordinator Nancy Marshall at 620-885-4264 or nancym@minneolahealth.com.  

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