Physical Therapy at Minneola

At Minneola Healthcare, our physical therapy department sees patients throughout the organization. Collectively we serve our inpatients, swing bed patients, Long Term Care Residents, and we also offer outpatient services. We are ready to serve anybody from pediatric to geriatric.

Common diagnosis we treat:

Generalized weakness History of falls Pre and post op orthopedic conditions (upper and lower extremities)
Stroke Parkinson’s Disease Dementia
Vertigo Neck and Back pain Pain management
Ergonomics training Cancer Fitting for orthotics – splinting for wounds/contractures
CHF Gross motor delays Fine motor control impairments
s/p MI, CABG COPD Wheelchair fitting/assessment for customized wheelchair

Types of treatments:

Therapeutic exercises: Strengthening, stretching Balance re-education Massage
Manual – joint mobilizations Cervical and Lumbar traction Transfer training
Gait training Vestibular treatment  

*All treatments are individualized for each patient

Modalities for pain management include Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, Moist Heat, Ice, Iontophoresis and Paraffin.

We also offer outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

Patients may qualify if they have had any of the following diagnosis:

Hypertension; especially participants with a low functional capacity Angina Pectoris and participants with documented coronary atherosclerotic heart disease Myocardial Infarction within the last 12 months
Automatic internal cardiac defibrillator Stable Chronic Heart Failure Cardiac Transplantation
Post Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Surgery Severe Left Ventricular Dysfunction Arrhythmias; activity induced, or associated with one or more of the above diagnoses

*With this treatment, all patients are hooked up to a 3-lead ECG to monitor their heart throughout each session.

Treatment includes treadmill, recumbent bike, upper extremity bike, NuStep, weight training. Education includes: Exercise safety, medication management, social support, stress management, nutritional awareness, diabetic education, smoking education, etc..)

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