Lab Services
A Full Menu Of Diagnostic Tests

The laboratory at Minneola District Hospital’s mission is to positively contribute to a patient’s health and healing through an exceptional experience by providing laboratory services close to home.

What we offer

Our knowledgeable and professional lab staff can do many tests right here in our own lab, including a full menu of diagnostic tests using current alalyzers and methodologies.  These tests include:

  • Complete blood counts to monitor red and white blood cell and platelet counts-checks for anemia, infection, and blood disorders like leukemia.
  • Routine blood chemical analysis-includes blood glucose monitoring, electrolyte monitoring, liver function tests, kidney function tests, lipid analysis, liver enzymes, cardiac enzymes, therapeutic drug monitoring.
  • Routine urinalysis-checking urine for protein, sugar, bilirubin, ketones, crystals, bacteria, and white and red blood cells
  • Testing for viruses-including SARS Covid, RSV, and Flu
  • Blood coagulation testing- monitors coumadin therapy, checks for bleeding disorders and blood clots.
  • Blood typing and crossmatching-screens OB patients’ blood type and makes ARC blood units available for patients to receive to treat anemia or significant blood loss.
  • Urine drug screens for pre-employment/post-accident testing and patient monitoring.

Reference Laboratory

All tests not performed at Minneola District Hospital laboratory are sent to a reference lab in Lenexa, KS. Any test not capable of being performed in Lenexa are sent to California, Kentucky, and/or Pennsylvania for further analysis. The Minneola District Hospital’s laboratory is always available to draw specimens as needed.

Locations Offering this Service