Swing Bed Services
Short-Term Care Beyond Acute Care

Skilled Swing Bed is an option for patients that need short term care beyond their acute care stay but are not ready to go home.  

  • Must have 3 midnight stay as an acute care patient either here or at another facility.
  • Must have Traditional Medicare (Occasionally some other insurances do pay for Swing Bed Services).
  • Must have a skill to qualify such as continued IV antibiotics, wound care, Physical Therapy.
  • You will have the same hospital staff from acute care.
  • We will assist you to meet your goals.
  • You will be expected to participate in care that will improve your chances of success at home.
  • You will meet with a Care Plan team weekly to discuss your care and goals.
  • A discharge planner will assist with a plan for a safe discharge.
Locations Offering this Service