Acute Care and Observation

Acute Care - Treatment for illness or injury that requires hospitalization for approximately 2 days or longer.


We provide a wide range of counseling services, including the following:

Emergency Services

Minneola Healthcare has a full-service ER with a provider in the facility or on-call 24/7.

Endoscopy Services

Endoscopy services are offered at Minneola Healthcare by Dr. Mirza Ahmad MD and Dr. Nathan Schandevel MD.

Family Medicine

Minneola Healthcare offers family medicine through our clinic locations in the communities of Minneola, Dodge City, Bucklin and Fowler.  You…

Imaging Services

At Minneola Healthcare, we understand the importance of high-quality imaging to assist radiologists and providers in making decisions related to…

Lab Services

The laboratory at Minneola District Hospital’s mission is to positively contribute to a patient’s health and healing through an exceptional…

Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Chris Miller MD of the Kansas Orthopedic Center currently offers knee arthroscopies at Minneola Healthcare.

Pain Management

Pain management services offered at Minneola Healthcare:

Physical Therapy

At Minneola Healthcare, our physical therapy department sees patients throughout the organization


Providing General Surgery and pain management three days a week, Minneola Healthcare has also partnered with other Healthcare…

Swing Bed Services

At Minneola Healthcare, our Swing Bed Program is designed for patients to regain their optimal level of health and independence.…

Wound Healing Center

Minneola Wound Healing Center