Minneola District Hospital
Project: Renovation/New Build with USDA Funding
November 10, 2015

I. Strategic Planning Session – Spring 2014
a. Utilized external consultant
b. Space significant issue – difficult to plan when space won’t allow
c. Lancaster Pollard – Feasibility study showed could support $7.5M
d. Dougherty – Feasibility study showed could support $9.2M
e. Recommended Focus On:
i. Clinic – greatest need (new build)
ii. Inpatient/Swing Space (new build)
iii. Renovate to improve outpatient and administrative services
iv. Do not want to relocate hospital and leave vacant building in center of town
v. Explore Assisted Living or Homes Plus concept
f. Discussed Funding Opportunities:
i. Tax Levy – decision made not to pursue increasing taxes
ii. Traditional Loan – not feasible
iii. USDA – significant paperwork, documentation requirements. Very low interest rate. Cheapest money available.
iv. Based on feasibility studies done and desire to not relocate the hospital, building an all new facility is not an option

II. Master Facility Plan/Selection of Construction Manager At Risk
a. Health Facilities Group – long-standing history. Previous work done with MDH
b. Developed conceptual drawings. Design not yet completed. Won’t begin design phase until secure USDA funding
c. Completed Master Facility Plan (required for submission with USDA application).
d. Worked with HFG on CM At Risk Selection
i. Public Hearing with regards to request for alternative delivery procurement, i.e., construction management at risk, for the proposed remodel/new build – Monday, January 12, 2015
ii. Request for Qualification – Tuesday, January 6, 2015
1. Reviewed at January 2015 Board meeting and short-listed to four firms
iii. Request for Proposal –Friday, January 30, 2015
1. February 4, 2015, interviewed three companies – Napholz, Murray and Hutton
iv. At the February 2015 Board meeting, selected The Hutton Group as CM At Risk
v. Design work commenced and occurred throughout 2015 with 100% design being completed in October 2015

III. USDA Funding
a. Pre-application submitted December 2014
b. Informed of eligibility to pursue USDA funding during on site meeting with USDA on March 4, 2015.
c. Community Information Meeting Regarding USDA funding and project to be held on Wednesday, April 1, 2015
d. Interest rate reported to be 3.5% through June 30, 2015
e. Completed USDA Application which was submitted in June 2015 for $9M
f. Dave Barber with the USDA presented the Letter of Conditions for the USDA funding at the August 26, 2015 Board meeting. Board passed all required resolutions and accepted the Letter of Conditions. USDA set aside the funds as requested
g. Required public notices were published in the Clark County Gazette on September 30, 2015 and October 7, 2015 regarding the issuance of revenue bonds through the USDA
h. Received formal notice of approval from the State USDA office in October 2015
i. October 2015 began working with bond counsel regarding the USDA funding

IV. Next Steps
a. Continue working with bond counsel to sell the bonds which are secured through the USDA, as well as secure interim financing in anticipate of receipt of revenue bonds through the USDA. Interim financing is expected to be available November/December 2015 and is required as the USDA does not extend any monies until the construction project is completed.
b. Continue working with Health Facilities Group and The Hutton Group regarding construction planning and finalizing finishes, both interior and exterior
c. Anticipate construction will start the first week of January 2016 and will last approximately 23 months.