The Board of Directors, Providers, Associates & Administration of Minneola District Hospital are pleased to announce that the renovation and new construction of Minneola District Hospital is scheduled to begin in early January 2016. A document titled “Project: Renovation/New Build with USDA Funding” which outlines the process undertaken is available for your review. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this project, we encourage you to reach out to the CEO, Debbie Bruner, by email at or by phone at 620.885.4264. As stated, MDH is scheduled to begin construction/renovation the first week of January. Once initiated, the project is scheduled to span a 23-month time period, completing in late 2017. As we are doing both renovation and new construction, we will be utilizing a phased-in approach. The work is scheduled to occur as follows:

Phase I: New electrical/mechanical room, new Physical Therapy Space, and new Clinic. Expected to last approximately nine (9) months
• Scheduled to begin the first week of January 2016
• Housekeeping will relocate to the old Labor & Delivery space and Medical Records to a temporary off site business office location –one block east of Long Term Care and adjacent to the Community Church. The Housekeeping space and Medical Records space will be the new spaces occupied with updated electrical/mechanical services
• Will remove and replace the paving behind Maintenance and the LTC gazebo area as well as parking on the North side of LTC. This part of the work is expected to last a couple of months. Parking will not be permitted in this area until the paving work is completed. Making plans for the following:
o LTC pick up and drop off location – in all likelihood will occur at the main entrance to LTC
o Physical Therapy parking – still addressing
o Van parking for sonos and echos – still addressing
• Physical Therapy space will be built where the picnic tables are currently located. This will include two private treatment spaces for therapy as well as an open gym for general therapies.
• The Schmidt/Tedford building will be taken down and a new clinic will be built in this space. This new Clinic will have ten (10) exam rooms and a procedure room, considerably more space than in the current clinic
• Parking on the west and north side of the Schmidt/Tedford building will be restricted due to demolition and construction work
• Elm St., between the Civic Connection and the Schmidt/Tedford building, will be temporarily closed and will reopen at the completion of Phase I. Access to the alley behind the Civic Connection will be available as you approach from the east.
• Patient Rooms 8 & 9 will be taken out of service at the end of Phase I and the current Physical Therapy space will be placed back into service as a patient room. This is necessary so that a throughput hallway from the new Clinic to the Hospital can be opened and maintained during the remainder of the project.
• Construction noises will be heard throughout both the west wing and the north wing of the Hospital. We will work to keep the disruption to a minimum. Construction will not occur during the evening or night time hours.

Phase II: New Imaging (x-ray) space, new Inpatient/Pharmacy space, new Operating Room space, new Emergency Department space. This phase is expected to last nine (9) months
• The new Clinic will be operational and in use. The current Clinic will then be taken down and new inpatient space will be built. The new inpatient space will include two private rooms and six (6) super-single rooms which will allow for double occupancy during high census times. Each room will have its own bathroom with a shower and a 24-hour nurse server (cabinet)which will assist in your nurses and nursing assistants in being able to care for your needs more efficiently. When completed, the new inpatient wing will also house a new Family Waiting Room and public restrooms.
• The current Labor & Delivery space and Financial Counselor office will be renovated to house a new Operating Room suite.
• The current Operating Room space will be renovated to house a new two-bay Emergency Department (ER). The work in the new ER space will be funded through the tax credits sold in 2013 and will occur towards the end of
• The Front Office (registration) of the Hospital will remain open during both Phase I and Phase II of the project
• Rooms 8 & 9 will be renovated for new Imaging space and Imaging will be relocated
• There will be a fair amount of construction traffic through the Lab & Imaging corridor during Phase II.

Phase III: New Hospital Front Entrance, new ER Waiting Room, new ER Drop Off Canopy, new Business Office, new Front Office/Registration, new Lobby, and new Administration space. This phase is expected to last five (5) months
• Rooms 9 & 10, the Front Office, the west wing of the Hospital and the current Pharmacy space will be “gutted”
• Room 9 & 10 will be renovated to house the CT, C-arm and sono/echo. Yes…CT will be coming in-house!
• The Pharmacy space and part of the Medical Records space will be renovated to house Medical Records
• The west wing will be renovated to house the Financial Counselor, Patient Accounts, the Front Office (registration), the Business Office, and a Front Lobby
• Part of the west wing and the Front Lobby and Front Office will be renovated to house new Administration space
We sincerely hope this explains the upcoming process that we are preparing to undertake. We recognize and understand this will cause some disruption to our operations but be assured we are working diligently to minimize those disruptions. We will work hard throughout the entire project to maintain a quality service and provide compassionate care to our customers and would welcome any input you may have that may assist us in this endeavor.
If you have any questions or would like additional information, we encourage you to please reach out to our CEO, Debbie Bruner, and she will be more than happy to meet with you and discuss any issue or idea you may have!