The Physical Therapy Department at Minneola District Hospital strives to restore movement and function to people after injury, illness, or disease. Our therapists create therapy plans that consider the needs, abilities, and objectives of each patient. They work closely with your physician to develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs.Medical conditions treated include:

• Amputation • Arthritis • Brain Injury
• Fibromyalgia • Multiple sclerosis • Muscular dystrophy
• Musculoskeletal injuries • Osteoporosis • Parkinson’s disease
• Spinal cord injury • Spine pain (low back pain, neck pain) • Sports-related injuries

Therapeutic exercise and functional training are key components of physical therapy treatment. Physical therapists may also perform joint mobilization or massage a muscle to promote proper movement and function. Physical therapists may use other techniques such as ultrasound, electrotherapy, hot packs, and ice to relieve pain and allow you to participate in therapy that improves function.