Weekly Updates

Construction Update for the Week of May 8th

- Continuing mill work and painting
- They will start on the sidewalks today
- They are getting everything ready to be able to move in 2 new hot water heaters into the boiler room sometime this week. The hot water will have to be shut off when they are installing them.
- They will be working on the duct work on the roof. Doing a lot of roof work today and tomorrow as rain is predicted again for Wed, Thurs, and Friday.
- Continuing to work on siding

Constuction Update for the Week of April 17th

The following is scheduled to occur this week:
- Painters are on site this morning and will begin painting today
- Will continue with duct work, plumbing and finishing of drywall
- Siding continues
- Block continues to go up
- M6 will be on site Wednesday to saw cut the floor in the Boiler Room for the floor drains
- The last load of millwork and cabinets will arrive today
- Millwork installation will begin on Monday, 4/24
- SW Cabling was on site last week and rerouted the CAT5 cable in the Procedure Room.

Construction Update for the Week of January 23rd

The following is scheduled to occur this week:

- They will be pouring the concrete slab over the Safe Room spaces this week.

- The Framers are beginning today.

- The Masons will begin their work next week, topping out the Safe Room and then will move to laying the brick by what will be the new Front Entrance to the Hospital.

- The electricians will continue working in the tunnel and will also continue with the work they need for the new sterilize that is to be installed soon.

Construction Activity for Week of January 9th

All: I hope you have all noticed by now that they have started putting up the steel columns and will begin connecting those columns this week. They will have to further notch out the two outside corners of the lab space to make room for columns in each of those spaces so please know there will be some additional noise experienced this week.

Additional activity expected to occur this week:

- Electrical rough in

- Plumbing rough in

- HVAC roof curbs

Construction Update for Week of January 2nd

The following is scheduled to occur this week:

1. The mason’s will be finishing up their work this week. They are working on the walls that will serve as the storage room, meeting room which are also the spaces that will be designated as weather safe rooms. These rooms will have a poured concrete slab roof and FEMA approved doors to each of the rooms. The cinder blocks have rebar through them and were filled with hand-poured concrete.

2. Steel will be set this week.

3. Next week the framers will begin closing in the walls.

Construction Update for the week of November 14th

- They will continue digging footings this week

- Around 10:00 this morning, they will begin pouring concrete and are expected to pour 80-100 yards of concrete. This will take care of part of the front of the new addition, up the west hallway, and then across by lab.

- They will then begin to dig the footings for the new space that will be the storage room and the meeting room. These two rooms will be built slightly different than the other structures as these two rooms will serve as our weather safe rooms during times of bad weather.


- Hydro-seeding of the space around the clinic and therapy building will occur today.

- The decorative brick both inside and outside of the clinic is being sealed today and there is an odor; however, once the sealant is dry, the odor will dissipate.

- Al’s H2O will be putting asphalt millings down today in the parking north of the clinic and PT spaces. Please have all vehicles moved by 1:00 today so this can occur and we can get the parking bumpers put down.

- Pete will be doing the fine grading today and this his part will be completed.